1st World Conference for Fun 'n Games | June 26-28, 2006, Preston, England
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Fun 'n' Games 2006 (FNG2006) promises to be a new style of conference where academics and practitioners can interact together in a playful event that marries the best of academic writing with the most innovative user experiences. The conference, which takes place in Preston, UK between the 26th June 2006 and the 28th June 2006 breaks new ground by highlighting the experience of the delegates.

The conference elicits contributions from designers, developers and researchers in computer games, experience design and fun. We are particularly interested in contributions that cross the traditional disciplines of human computer interaction and games design. There will be opportunities for participation in several streams, these will include peer reviewed academic and practitioner papers (expected date January 2006), student posters, user experiences and not-for-profit work groups (expected date March 2006).

A lively social programme will continue the theme of playfulness and fun and will provide ample opportunities for networking and relaxing!

Owr work addresses any aspect of Fun and Games will be considered, but we particularly welcome contributions that address the following themes: Designing (and implementing) for fun and casino online games (theories applied to the design of fun and games, game evaluation; case studies and exemplars of successful fun and games design processes, in different settings); Innovative fun and game interfaces (novel consoles, peripherals and input devices: e.g., haptics and multi-modal interfaces); Distributed and mobile fun and gaming (concepts and tools that exploit the affordances of computational/technological mobility to facilitate non-co-located play); Fun and games culture (the social ramifications of gaming on society, on education and business; implications for social access and inclusion; gaming sub-cultures; historical perspectives on fun and games).

Important Dates

Paper Deadline:

1st March 2006

Poster, Experiences & NFP work group Deadline:

14th April 2006

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